BSR is an organization dedicated to the business needs of family owned businesses that wish to ensure the original owner’s Vision, Values, Culture and Climate through succession planning from generation to generation. BSR offers a suite of architectures focusing on business succession planning, human resource analysis and organizational development. Our business focus is on the identification of relationships within the company, stated values of the owner, and the documentation of the ‘owner’s intent’ to ensure the smooth transfer of leadership from generation to generation. At BSR we believe that family owned businesses represent a historical connection to the foundations of what makes America great and we seek the opportunity to consult with you on ways to ensure the independence of your leadership role, while developing management protocols to support succession planning for each succeeding generation. Our staff is standing by to consult with you on how we might assist you in affecting business architectures to ensure your vision through succeeding generations. If you would like a consultation to explore how we might serve you please contact us either by phone or email.