You have probably heard a fair share of planning woes — those who thought they had prepared adequately, only to have their business sold to cover the estate taxes. Or lost in a divorce. Or bankrupted by incapable heirs… Yet, even worse than a plan going bad is when planning doesn't happen at all. The two most common statements we hear about the planning process are: I've been working on this for ____ years -or- I'm done with it. Although many people believe they have accomplished a complete plan for the achievement of their objectives, it is unlikely that they have even identified their objectives. They are only "done" in the sense that they are frustrated with planning and want to move on. The need for true achievement of objectives is the motivation that drives our company and the inspiration for this non-traditional process. The process we have developed has been refined over many years and used with hundreds of business owners. The primary benefit of this process is that it allows you to achieve a complete and coordinated plan for identifying and achieving your objectives, without taking you away from the important task of operating your business.