BSR's clients range from small one and two-store operators to some of the largest family businesses in the United States. Situations addressed include instances where:
Ownership was split between non-related or distantly related parties and each was concerned about the potential to provide an inheritance to heirs
The next generation of owners was incapable of operating the business effectively; The next generation of owners was capable of operating the business, but were becoming impatient, waiting for the opportunity
The assets of the business were substantial but illiquid, causing concerns for the retirement options available to the owners and for the pending estate expenses
The key owners had recently died & the key family members were at odds over the business and had taken positions which could have lead to the demise of the organization
The owners of the business recognized the desire to do something with their lives, but had previously been unable to identify how they would be able to achieve their apparently incompatible goals and objectives
Second generation owners who were siblings were worried about their relationship with each other and with their parents as they considered important business decisions
Key people involved in the business were leaving out of concern that there was no future for them as non-family members in a family business
Many more situations as personal and varied as the people to whom they belonged