We work with you, your spouse, your family and fellow owners in your business to determine your objectives. Your concerns will likely lead to consideration of your personal and business goals. At your discretion, we will also speak with the people who will likely impact and be impacted by your plans to ensure a consistency with your objectives. In those discussions, we speak in everyday terms about hopes and dreams for self and business. The combined responses of everyone involved will create an image in one of four forms. Everyone has basically consistent goals for themselves and the business — there are no questions to prevent moving forward. There are differences which, with minor assistance, you can work through. The differences are dramatic enough to call in an outside counselor to help everyone decide if they want to move together or apart. The conflict is such that it is necessary to begin serious consideration of a separation of some portion of the family from the business. At this point we will discuss where you and your family stand on the above scale. You may already be completely aware of the degree of compatibility or conflict which exists in the goals and desires of your family, yet we can serve as an objective outsider, giving fresh perspectives on your situation. We help to clarify individual objectives and to increase confidence in decisions and commitments. It is these objectives which will provide the target for future efforts. Once you have a clear picture of your vision for the future, you should consider what you have done to date and what might yet be done to achieve your goals. We are able to assist you in selecting the necessary resources and coordinate those people for your maximum benefit and minimum expense. With the assistance of BSR's knowledge of this process and your industry, a program such as this can be properly completed in one or two days of time with you and your family. BSR will coordinate the team which will implement all aspects of the plan to achieve your objectives in the weeks or months to follow with little or no additional effort on your part. The plans, though "done," can be easily changed or modified as your goals and desires may change over time. BSR will give you the confidence in knowing that you have secured the future for yourself, your family and your business.